Where to Conduct Your Dance and Fitness Classes?


Bns Panampilly Nagar1

Lot of talented, aspiring dance and fitness professionals are getting trained and certified but not knowing how to take their career forward. I am talking of Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, Bolly Fitness, Contemporary Dance and classical dance and even music teachers.

With loud music for dance and fitness programs, cramped space and other constraints, your own home may not be the ideal place to start your classes. Your clients may not feel comfortable to come to your house when your family members are around that also causes inconvenience to them.
Starting an own venture may sound risky, identifying a place, raising money, doing the interiors, marketing, administration and accounts may sap your energy unless you have someone to support to you. Joining an existing institution may not be easy as they may not have classes to accomodate a new trainer.

More Idle ZINS in Kochi
It may not sound surprising that Kochi has among the highest number of Zumba fitness (ZINS), aerobics and bollyfitness trainers in Kerala not to forget trainers in various classical and western dances. However, not all of them are active because they don’t get an opportunity to hold classes anywhere.

But there is no room for disappointment. With a little bit of marketing skill, references from friends and associates you can think of starting a class in a rented space without any investment except your time talent and energy.

“We have trainers in Zumba, Martial Arts and Kick Boxing who rent our premises on an hourly basis doing their own marketing and earning a good income without any investment or hassles of running their own studio,” Prasanth S, Director and Co-Founder of Beats ‘n’ Steps in South Kalamassery and Panampilly Nagar in Kochi said.

“We have excellent flooring for dance and fitness, good ambience for dance, fitness, music classes and air-conditioned with suitable music system,” Prasanth added.

Hourly rent charges will vary depending on whether premises is air conditioned and location.

For more details: beatsnsteps@gmail.com or call 9847464607



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