Sync in Music, Be Strong By Zumba!

Ravi Rajha Strong by Zumba
Fitness routines can turn dull for even the most enthusiasitc of us. Fifteen years ago, Zumba Fitness shot into the scene dominated by gym workouts and aerobics with their slogan ‘Ditch the workout, Join the Party.’

From then on the visionary Beto Perez and his team have been continuing their innovative streak with the launch of Zumba Toning, Strong by Zumba Aqua Zumba, Kids Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumbini, Zumba Gold for various age groups and fitness categories.

Strong by Zumba
Not all fitness enthusiasts are good at dance but Zumba has come up with a creative solution for them- Strong by Zumba. It combines High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) with the science of Synced Music Motivation. Instead of counting the reps, Strong by Zumba participants are motivated by the specially composed music to push their limits to new levels of intensity.

What ever your goals in HIIT, whether it is muscle building, burning calories, strengthening the core, Strong By Zumba helps you achieve all that with the music that makes you work harder. Set to music by Timbaland and some of the best music composers of the world, each sound, beats and tracks have been tuned to match the moves and reps in challenging progression to your workout.

The 4 Quadrants of Strong By Zumba
Ignite: Sqat, Lunge, Lift, Planks.. let your breath go from natural to intensive
Fire Up: Elevate your heart rate as you set the foundation for workout.
Push Your Limit: You’ll start feeling the breathlessness now, more stamina and strain
Floor Play: This is the time for intense ab and core excercises, music stabilisation and balancing, breathe with some effort.

Strong by Zumba can be a fun-filled, enjoyable addition to a gym or a zumba fitness class, says Ravindra Rajha, ZIN and an IT professional  in Kochi specialised in Strong by Zumba. “Hey, guys come and join the fun,” quips Ravi.
For details write to or call 9847464607


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