How To Get The Best of Zumba And Workout?

Until Aerobics and Zumba became popular in fitness circles, health enthusiasts had only one option- the gym workouts. They no doubt creates boredom in no time, is focussed more on the muscle development and weight gain and quite tiresome too.

Aerobics with is music and rhythmic body movements caught the fancy of fitness enthusiasts in the US in 1960’s and went on the become popular in Asia and Europe in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Here the focus was more on cardio and bringing more oxygen into the cells and tissues thereby creating an overall well-being.

Betto Perez changed the whole outlook to dance fitness with his Zumba that combines fun and excitement with vigorous dance routines that burns upto 800 calories an hour.

But Is Cardio enough?

Burning calories through dance routines may be good to reduce weight, sweating out gives skin a toned look and a feeling of goodness. But is it enough to just warm up, then race your heart rate and pulse rate and then cool down? It all depends on the fitness goals of an individual. Somebody who just requires weight loss and be slim could just take Zumba or Aerobics and still be happy. However, for those who want to achieve other objectives such as muscle development, toning of arms, legs, shoulders or to attain strength with weight loss may require a combination of high intensive cardio training through Zumba and an equal duration of circuit training.

Zumba With Toning
For those who want to attain specific objectives within a time frame of say 3 or 6 months, 30 minutes of Zumba with 30 minutes of personal training with floor exercises and upper body stretches may be ideal, according to Prasanth S, Director of Beats’n’ Steps. “With this objective we have launched the Zumba With Toning and Zumba With Weight Loss programs in our studios,” he said.

Each participant in the program is first assessed based on the present health status, BMI (Body Mass Index), specific objectives such as toning, weight loss or obesity and then recommended appropriate Zumba-Workout regime. Nutritional guidance on how to maintain low carb, low fat diet is also given as part of the programme, Prasanth said.

“When it comes to fitness, we should not take a one size fits all approach and needs to fine tune to the needs of each individual. Hence our innovation with dance fitness-workout programmes,” Aswathy Visweswaran, Director and Co-Founder of Beatsnsteps said.

For More Details: Prasanth 9895611537 or 9847464607


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