Tao Porchon Lynch, world’s oldest ballroom dancer at 99

It turned out to be a remarkable day in the history of dance when Ms Tao Porchon Lynch (99) was crowned the world’s oldest ballroom dancer on Tuesday, June 27 at Junkyard Cafe, Mumbai. She is of Indian-French origin, a renowned Yoga master and award winning author. The Award was instituted by the World Book of Records (UK) and the show was organised by Sandip Soparrkar, well-known choreographer,considered India’s King of Ballroom Dancing.

Sandip Soparrkar with Tao Porchon Lynch2
Tao Porchon performs a difficult step with Sandip Soparrkar, pioneer of India Dance Week

This evening was studded by Stars such as yesteryear actress Kamini Kaushal, Sezal Sharma , Sharbani Mukherjee, Lubna Adams, Diane Pandey, Salome Roy Kapur, Aashima Sharma, Divya Sukul and more. The evening was brightened up by the presence of the chief guests for the evening Who were none other than The honourable first Lady of Maharashtra Mrs. Amruta Devendra  Fadnavis and The Legendary Hunk of Bollywood Jackie Shroff. This wonderful evening was hosted by renowned television actress Jayati Bhatia which added to the charm of this special occasion.

The evening was celebrated in an even more enthusiastic style with celebrity performances including performers like Maria Goretti, Jassi Kaur, Yuvraj Parashar and Amit Dolawat. These performances proved to be an add on for all the zest zeal and enthusiasm in the mesmerising evening. Adding up to the guest list the evening witnessed some more big names including Dr. Diwakar Sukul, Chairman- World Book of records and Dr. Santosh Sharma, President- World Book of records who presented the honour to Ms. Tao.

Tao Porchon Lynch Jacky Shroff and Sharbani Mukherji
Tao Porchon with Bollywood star Jackie Shroff and other celebrities

Ms. Tao who was the cherry on the cake stunned people with her flawless dance moves, Matching steps with dance maestro Sandip Soparrkar. Every action of her proved to be a reason for standing ovations all over. The evening was really one of the biggest days in the dance history. A day that the world would cherish as this day witnesses such passion and unshakable dedication towards this beautiful art form as this day witnesses the best of experts and experiences the evening proved to be a memorable on for the world.


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