‘Yoga enables me to remain fit within’: Bollywood Star Sezal Sharma

MUMBAI:Yoga, the ancient Indian science of acquiring a perfectly balanced body and mind, is part of the exercise regimen of many Bollywood celebrities. She was seen doing Yoga on International Yoga Day June 21 along with millions of others worldwide. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), on 11 December 2014 announced this day to celebrate yoga, as per the suggestion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yoga is touted as a multifarious discipline that helps keep the mind and body healthy. And, our Bollywood celebrities also vouch for it.

To show off their love for yoga, Bollywood stars were seen performing Yoga on International Yoga Day. Actress Sezal Sharma flaunts her body in different poses of Yoga.

Sezal Sharma quoted as saying, “Yoga didn’t just help me with my body; I also became fitter from within. It helped me to focus better. In the movies, we may look very glamorous and fit, but believe me, not many of us are actually fit from within. Yoga has helped me achieve that.”


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