Fashion@Fitness: Wear Work Out Dress All Day!

A single color or black casual or sports tee with track pants is no longer the favorite at dance fitness studios and gyms. You can’t just go out for a shopping, a business meeting, a lunch or dinner or to office with that. Here comes the new Fashion@Fitness trend- wear your workout dress all day long wherever you go!

Athleisure Feature Image

It is popularly called Athleisure. It is a weird hybrid of business casual and athletic wear, according to Deirdre Clemente, Professor of History at University of Nevada.  Popular sports/inner wear brands Jockey, Adidas, Nike have all tapped into this business opportunity. Modern materials used for sportswear such as spandex, lycra and synthetic fiber have now come to be acceptable for casual wear too.

Tank Top

Some designers consider Athleisure as an ‘evolution’ rather than a ‘trend’ or ‘fad’. This evolution began in USA, UK and other developed nations before quickly moving to fast growing emerging economies of India and China.

US market figures for athleisure wear -$44 bn, global sales $97 bn. Outlook for 2020: $83 bn (Source: Morgan Stanley, NPD Group)

Some Advantages of Athletic Wear
-It’s Odor Free
-It’s Sweat Free
-Dries Quickly

Athletic wear is basically made of Polyester (70-90%) and elastane upto 20%). However, there are 100% cotton products too.

For these reasons, they can be worn after a workout or a 1-hour vigorous Zumba or Aerobics session.

The Athleisure World
Leggings| Tank Tops| Sports Bra| Jackets | Cropped Bottom| Yoga Pants


Skin hugging, weightless and thin fabric used in leggings, tank tops blends well with an overcoat or a casual T-shirt when going after a workout or dance fitness.
Cotton Yoga Leggins

Aswathy Visweswaran, Zumba Fitness trainer and co-founder of Beats’n’Steps, Kochi feels many ladies are still shy of tank tops and leggings. There is no compulsion to wear them as dance-fitness such as Zumba, Aerobics, Bollyfitness can be done with casual tees and track pants. However, the new range of athleisure wear provides ease of movement of arms, legs and shoulders and less sweat absorbing. Ease of movement and breathable fabric makes athleisure preferable for fitness professioanls, she added.

Aswathy Workout1
“Tank tops, Leggings help free movement and comfort in workouts and dance fitness,”  says Aswathy Visweswaran


Athleisure Makeup
Just to complement your new look athleisure wear is the Athleisure Makeup. The fact that dance fitness centres have become a place for social gatherings and hangouts.  Hence, the rising need for sweat free make up- eye liners, sunscreen, highlighters, mascara, bronzer, self tanner. Athleisure make up is made up of natural ingredients as chemicals can cause irritation in skin and clogging of pores that release sweat.

This YouTube promotion of Tarte Skincare has gone viral:

Mens Fitness@Fashion
If you find images of tanks tops and sports bras more in athleisure wear searches, look a bit more closely. A revolution is also underway in men’s fashion@fitness. The essentials in this are sneakers, bomber jackets, polo shirts, crew -neck sweaters, joggers

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