Prasanth: From High Paid Corporate Life to Fitness Entrepreneurship

I was not a fitness freak but I used to walk or jog to keep my body in shape. During my morning walks, I used to pass by The Floor (a dance fitness studio) when it was started in Girinagar near my house in the South Indian city of Kochi a few years ago and hear the songs played and lot of people dancing to the music. I used to see people coming out from there after a fitness session but I was hesitant to get in. I was not sure about learning the steps or didn’t feel strong enough to undergo this. I used to meet people who were regulars there but went into see what’s happening there only after a month !  I was stressed out in my job as corporate trainer in an insurance company and I needed to detox. Walking, jogging, cycling, gym– I did try many options earlier but couldn’t stick to any for more than a few months.

With Zumba, however, after the first month I found the morning dance sessions enjoyable and lot of fun too. I got to meet new fitness enthusiasts of both sexes. Soon, I volunteered my time into organising some activities for The Floor and Zumba was becoming part of my life. Work pressure, stress and the need for change made me go for B1 certification in Mumbai.

Early in 2015 my fellow ZIN Aswathy Visweswaran was also thinking of a new Dance fitness studio on the advice of our mentor Arunima Gupta of The Floor. We both decided to team up and start Beats ‘n’ Steps at South Kalamassery in Kochi. My parents thought I was crazy quitting a well-paid job for a venture that looked a bit risky. Even Arunima was against me quitting the job at least for a few months until our venture breaks even. All along my life partner Sreeja was a pillar of support in happiness & crisis.

Leading a Demo session at Decathlon with Aswathy

Two years later, I have no regrets, Zumba has helped open a new chapter in my life- from a stressed employee, now I am an entrepreneur helping others regain health, vitality & remain fit for life. I am grateful to all who made it happen. We have now started a new center at Panampilly Nagar in the city that offers classical dance, contemporary dance, dance-fitness programs such as Zumba and Bolly Fitness. Apart from conducting classes, we are also organizing several demo sessions on Zumba and Aerobics to create awareness among corporates, housewives, kids and elderly.

Key Strengths: Corporate Training, Marketing and Event Management
Creative Skills: Zumba Basic, Zumba Kids, Bachata
Contact Info:  Prasanth S, Co-Founder and Director, BeatsnSteps— Mob:9895611537


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