Beats ‘n’ Steps looking for instructors in Aerobics, Bollywood Dance and Bharatanatyam

SOUTH KALAMASSERY: Beats ‘n’ Steps, the fast growing dance fitness studio in Kochi has sought candidates with certifications and adequate experience in Aerobics to handle morning and evening batches. It is also looking at instructors-cum-choreographers who can handle Bollywood and Bharatanatyam classes.

S Prasanth, Director, Beats ‘n’ Steps said the focus of the dance fitness studio continues to be Zumba. “Our Zumba batches are running at full strength and we are starting new batches to accommodate enquiries. Even doctors and nutritionists have been recommending Zumba as an ideal way to reduce body weight, toning of muscles and even increase metabolism rate for those who are quite weak,” he said.

It was a year ago that Prasanth quit a high paying corporate job and teamed up with fellow  Aswathy Visweswaran, a pharmacist turned Zumba instructor  to start Beats ‘n’ Steps in Kalamassery. Prasanth is certified in regular Zumba and Kids Zumba while Aswathy is specialised in regular Zumba & Zumba Toning.

Variety fare in fitness and dance

Prasanth said their objective was to provide variety fare which appeals to both genders and age groups starting from five to sixty or beyond. Therefore, it intends to increase the Aerobics batches and provides quality Yoga training.

In dance, it provides quality training in Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood forms to appeal to all age groups.

With sedentary life, stress at home and office and lack of arenas to go for outdoor games, fitness studios are now playing a major role in ensuring health and fitness to a large number of people, Prasanth said.

He said that machine based workouts and jogging tend to become dull and dreary. On the other hand Zumba , Aerobics and other fitness regimes are fun, entertaining and a reliable way to stay healthy and fit.

(For details regarding classes or career openings in Beats ‘n’ Steps call Prasanth-9895611537 or mail to


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