Fitness for Kerala Police : Are they ready for Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga or martial arts?

By Aswathy Visweswaran*

Have you noticed our Kerala Police constables and inspectors- many of them may have bulging bellies, drooping shoulders, un-athletic and poorly toned muscles.  The Police force needs to manage traffic, ward off trouble makers, catch thieves, defend attacks from criminals. Therefore, it goes without saying that they need to do something drastically to attain health and wellness.

Loknath Behra, the new Director General of Police (DGP) is right on track by associating with Lakshmi Bai National College of Physical Education (LNCPE) under Sports Authority of India (SAI) to implement nutrition and fitness programs.

Dance Fitness, Yoga and martial arts

Police may be going through drills, routine excercises and jogging daily. However, to burn calories, keep muscles toned, flat belly, and broad shoulders, Latin American Zumba Fitness program may be the best one. One it is a dance fitness program involving music, songs, and rhythmic movements. It burns about
800-1000 calories every day, it’s enjoyable, fun and doesn’t create the weariness that is associated with workouts and excercises. Apart from regular Zumba, elements of Zumba Toning and Strong Zumba can be incorporated in the programs with circuit training which will keep our police force agile.

is a more scientific way of attaining health and fitness. It is based on music and rhythmic steps done under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Unlike, Zumba which are songs oriented, Aerobic movements are based on instrumental music.

: Yoga has been proven world over to help attain concentration, breath control, attain good posture and for toning muscles through asanas.  The recent celebration of International Day of Yoga showed the popularity gained by the wellness program over the years. Yoga can make an all-round impact on inter-personal relationships, setbacks in life, physical and mental stress, day-to-day stress, prevent and cure disease, according to Mehbooba, acclaimed Yoga instructor at Beats ‘n’ Steps.

Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Kalari, Karate, Kung Fu and several other martial arts are good enough to ensure flexibility and agility of our body. Taekwondo also consists of circuit training, attack through fast kicking and punching. Kalaripayettu is a indigenous martial art which again focuses on self defence, attack and keeping mind foucssed. It also enables the trainer to get acquainted with deft use of sticks.

DGP Loknath Behra has also stressed the need to have proper nutrition for the police force. They are seeking the help of nutritionists to get diet recommendations for policemen. It is better to lower rice intake, have more wheat, wholesome cereals, fruits, nuts and vegetables supplemented with meat and fish.

Way to health, wellness
The way to attain good health and longevity is through adequate physical activity, right amount of food, spiritual activity and social life. The society will be better policed when we have a force that is health, happy and contended despite the heavy pressures and stress associated with the job.
(* Aswathy Visweswaran is a licensed Zumba instructor and co-founder of Beats ‘n’ Steps. As told to Sreekumar Raghavan)




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