‘Yoga helps forget the past, shed anxieties and be in present’

KALAMASSERY:  People get worried over a past incident or event and lose happiness. They think about the future and get anxious. Yoga helps people to overcome past worries, future anxieties and live in the present, according to renowned yoga instructors Mehbooba and Gopi.

At a Free Workshop on Yoga organized by Beats ‘n’ Steps at South Kalamassery in connection with International Day of Yoga here on Tuesday (June 21), several new participants were initiated into Yoga that has been proven world over to help sustain health, peace and happiness.

Yoga is best done in the morning session and learnt under a trained instructor. Yoga has at its core -pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (or postures) and ends with meditation.  Or the alternate option is to do yoga in the evening when energy levels are low and breathing techniques will boost it.

Yoga can make an all-round impact on inter-personal relationships, setbacks in life, physical and mentral stress, day-to-day stress, prevent and cure disease. There are asthma patients who have got significant relief from their distress while those having ortho problems will also gain by strengthening and relaxation of muscles and joints.

The beginners to yoga need to restrict physical exercises and adopt them with caution. In the initial days, some of the asanas may be difficult to perform. It is upto the trainer to guage the level of physical strain that can be borne by the learner.

In connection with International Day of Yoga, new students to Yoga were given the benefit of exemption from registration fees at Beats ‘n’ Steps, South Kalamassery. It has a regular morning programme for Yoga from 6.30 am to 9.3 am on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.





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