Zumba: Go for dance based fitness routines and see the difference

All of us want to be healthy, fit and beautiful. But how many take the little extra effort to attain it? To remain healthy you may have to spend some time for it and also some money. Zumba is value for money. I can very well endorse after almost two years of continous practice and training.

I decided to start Beats ‘n’ Steps, a dance fitness studio along with Prasanth, also a qualified ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network) with focus on Zumba as it really can make a change in our lives especially for men and women in their late thirties and forties. This is the period when people go through hormonal changes and half way between youth and old age.

Unlike traditional work outs, Zumba is fun and exciting group based activity. You needn’t even know how to dance and all you need is just the desire to stay young and healthy. Unlike other fitness programs, Zumba is a licensed program with continuous innovation and training support provided by the company founded by the now-cult figure Beto Perez.

Each time some one looks surprised over my real age, I am happy I followed the footsteps of my mentor Arunima Gupta, contemporary dancer and co-founder of the The Floor in Kochi.

There could be plenty of reasons for you not to try Zumba- including shyness to dance, to be in work out dress or unwillingness to spend a little more money on a regular basis. But hardly a month into our new venture, we are now seeing several happy faces in our Zumba classes. Those eagerly waiting for their classes to happen either in the morning or evening. This is the excitement it creates in you.

For those quite uneasy with Zumba, we do have the traditional aerobics with Reebok certified Seema Subodh or try the bollywood dance with ace stage performer Anupama or those in a meditative mood can also try Yoga sessions by Mehbooba,

As said in our mission statement, the intention of Beats’n’Steps is to create a community of people focussed on health, wellness, happiness and good relationships, I invite all of you to be stakeholders in this noble venture.

(Aswathy Visweswaran is a pharmacist by profession and now a full-time Zumba instructor, homemaker, mother of two children aged 16 and 6.  When she is not in the kitchen, looking after kids, journalist husband

The picture says it all-the Zumba effect
The picture says it all-the Zumba effect

or on the fitness floor, she can be seen tending to her terrace garden or doing research on buildings/interior designs)


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